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Privacy Policy

In Camden People First, we give advocacy support and sometimes people talk about very private things. Sometimes people will tell you things that they do not want anyone else to know, even if it does not sound important to you. 

Advocacy is often about sharing information with other people, so we need to understand when it is right to share information and when we should not share information.

If we do not want to share the wrong information, we should make sure everyone is respected.

It is very important that when we work at Camden People First, we do not repeat what anyone says until we are sure they want us to.

To be good advocates we must be sure we have all the information about the person we are helping, and we must be able to share this information well with other people if we need to.

If you would like the full privacy policy, please get in touch with the office.

Keeping your data safe

Camden People First makes sure that all personal data is kept safe by following the rules of the government policies.  

The GDPR is a policy the government uses to make sure all data is kept safe.


Camden People First understands that it is in charge of keeping personal data safe.

Camden People First keeps a record of; 

  • All the personal data it collects and keeps

  • Where the data has been taken from

  • Who the data will be shared with

  • How the data will be kept safe

Camden People First follow rules to protect personal data from:

  • Getting lost

  • Accidents 

  • Being told to someone who should not know.

There are also rules to make sure that personal data is not seen by anyone who is not allowed to see it.

If Camden People First find out that data has been used in the wrong way, this will be reported in 72 hours of Camden People First finding out about it and they will tell the people who are involved.

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