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Camden People First remember the lives of many great people who have worked with us and/or supported us during our journey. Below are our personal tributes to those who have sadly passed away. Feel free to share their memory by having a read through.

They will all be greatly missed.

Desmond Coker-Davies

Desmond sadly passed away on 27th March 2020.

He was the Project Coordinator Assistant for the Hate and Mate Crime. He was also part of the Easy Read team and went to members meetings.

He was everyone's good friend and liked to help his peers. He shared good times with everyone and danced and made loads of friends in the funky moves disco.

He is greatly missed.

Desmond Coker-Davies_CommunityProjectAssistant.jpg

Franklyn Browne

Franklyn Browne is the husband of our Development Manager, Claudia. He sadly passed away on 5th April 2021.

Franklyn greatly supported Camden People First with a range of ideas, initiatives and events; from transporting and setting up food and equipment at the quarterly Funky Moves Discos, Heathy Eating Clubs or Members Meetings to providing transport to members or staff unable to get home easily.

Many members of Camden People First grew familiar with him and the gratitude even extended to other supporting organisations of Camden People First.

He is greatly missed.

Desmond Coker-Davies_CommunityProjectAssistant.jpg
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