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Disability Hate & Mate Crime Project

We have a Disability Hate and Mate Crime team made up of adults with learning difficulties who hold a focus group every Monday. Personal experiences of these crimes are shared and peers provide victims with emotional support. We also use the focus group to come up with plans and ideas that address disability hate and mate crime and then carry them out to make a change in our community.

We run peer-led workshop presentations to professionals, key agencies, schools, colleges, housing associations, the Metropolitan Police and more. Presentations focus on bringing awareness, sharing experiences, good practice in support and encourages reporting disability hate and mate crimes.

We support victims of disability hate and mate crime through casework and advise them to report to relevant professionals, i.e. the Police, Victim support for further intervention. We support victims to attend safeguarding meetings. We are listed as a third party reporting centre for Disability hate and mate crime on the Camden Council website.

Press play to watch our Disability Hate & Mate Crime Project videos

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