Peer-to-Peer Support

We do peer to peer support in-house with basic office work; i.e. members help peers with shredding, answering the phone, put labels on envelopes.

Other forms of peer-to-peer support include assistance with form filling; i.e. helping someone fill out a passport application, NHS questionnaires and we also break things down into easy read.

Camden People First -"Bigger and Stronger Together"

Our Mission

Camden People First is led and run by adults with learning difficulties. We want to make life better for people with learning difficulties in Camden by us having full rights, having our say, and leading change.

Image by Markus Spiske
Open Space Office

Why we are unique

Unique means “one of a kind”, or different.

Camden People First is unique because we are the only organisation in Camden that is run and led by people with learning difficulties.

We are led by 10 trustees who all have learning difficulties.

Our Values

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Our Plan For 2020-2023

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